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Finzio ApparelOneErp

Our Product
ApparelOneErp™ – Integrated Solution for Apparel Manufacturing Industry.

ApparelOneErp™ is the go-to ERP solution to streamline your Apparel and Garment manufacturing business. Integrated Apparel Manufacturing has become increasingly competitive and Customer Expectations are very high in terms of Product, Pricing, Innovation and effective Delivery channels. Our ApparelOneErp manages all these issues effectively to deliver quality products, maximize your profits and minimize errors. In today’s fiercely competitive world, management needs to aim beyond survival. It needs to make market leadership its goal. To get there, it needs all the help it can get, the most critical being a superior/business automation system that is not only reliable, secure and user-friendly but also scalable and robust. Helping them are emerging technologies that enable changes in business models.

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    Buyer Order

    Time & Action

    Budget, Procurement & Approval

    Raw Material Planning

    Inventory & Quality Control

    Production Management

    Production Planning & Control

    Sales Order Export Documentation

    Management Information Systems

    HR & Payroll

    Live Chat

    Features and Benefits-
    • Browser-based, supports anytime anywhere access.
    • Workflow-driven, enabling collaboration across the enterprise.
    • Flexible approval workflow including multi-level approvals.
    • Easy viewing of the flow of an order promotes accountability and helps identify and rectify organizational bottleneck. Built-in Escalations-higher authorities notified on delays.
    • Business parameters driven design that facilitates easy customization.Real-time data availability.
    • Ability to define & implement a procurement budget for an order and to view budget vs.actual at any time.
    • Adaptable by smaller single location as well as larger geographically diverse enterprises
    • Ability to track all buyer approvals required along with record of submissions made.
    • Financial impact of changes in specifications and business transactions reflected real-time in books of accounts.
    • Focus on order profitability
    • Extensive costing module.
    • Set budgets for an order.
    • Control expenditure within budget.
    • Capture marker level fabric consumption through order life cycle.